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About region

Welcome to Chukotka!                                                   

Roman Kopin, Governor, Chukotka Autonomous Region

Chukotka is a necessary experience. Everybody who visited this land of stillness and contrasts will always keep a memory of it. Chukotka is the land of strong and brave people living in an unfriendly environment. Despite remoteness from the country’s mainland, harsh climate and complicated logistics, it is home for 50 thousand people representing 60 nations. 

The regional economy is influenced by climatic and geographical factors. The region disposed of its own mineral and powerful energy resources and a stable management and procurement system. All of these factors make the region more attractive for investments. 

It is estimated that the private capital investments will exceed the public investments by 2020 and amount to 150 bln rubles. Basically, they will be used to finance geological exploration, road construction, mine development and mineral production. 

Today Chukotka is in stage of dynamic development. Mining is one of the most profitable sectors of the regional economy. Chukotka is the third largest gold-mining regions of Russia. Obviously, mining will be the leading sector of the regional economy for many years to come. Large mineral reserves and increasing interest of investors toward them are the major factors securing the well-being of the Russian northernmost territories. 

The nature of Chukotka is still untouched. Everyone can see unique forests, hot springs and stacks, watch how whales, these sea giants, migrate and look at the northern lights. Development of Chukotka is absolutely impossible without conservation of its unique nature. We are striving to prevent intervention in nature and impact on traditional environment and lifestyle of indigenous peoples. 

We are actively developing inter-regional and international relations.  Establishment of foreign connections and integration into the global economy are the regional priorities. Successful achievement of these goals is based on innovative development and efforts aimed at creation of the environment attractive for investments. 

We welcome everybody attracted by Chukotka, its unique nature and perspectives and those who is interested in mutual cooperation in business, culture, education and tourism.